Eusebius (ca. 260-340)Eusebius (ca. 260-340) - Eusebius was a Christian polemicist of Greek ethnicity who lived during the Roman Empire. At the time of the Great Persecution, he was imprisoned for a time. When the persecution ended, he became Bishop of Caesarea. And when Christianity was legalized by Constantine, he became a close friend and advocate of the emperor. Eusebius' most important contribution was his History of the Church, which records the history of Christianity from its beginnings up to his time. It is a comprehensive work and the only surviving account of the church from this era, making its existence of high historical value. For this record, he has been dubbed the "Father of Church History", or is sometimes called the "Christian Herodotus". He was a great admirer of the theologian, Origen; the result of studying under Pamphilus, who was one of Origen's students. Aside from these few details, not much else is known about his life. His successor, Acacius, wrote a Life of Eusebius, which unfortunately has been lost.