Zulfiqar (Sword)Zulfiqar - Sword of Ali, the cousin and son-in-law of Mohammed. It was a bifurcated scimitar with a curved blade. Zulfiqar in Arabic is transliterated as Dhu al-Fiqar. The sword's true origin has been lost, and the legends differ between Sunni and Shia factions. According to Sunni Islam, Mohammed obtained it following the Battle of Badr (how we don't know), and passed it onto Ali at the end of his life. The Shia legend is somewhat more remarkable. In battle, Imam Ali kept breaking swords due to his great strength. So Mohammed prayed to Allah for a weapon worthy of Ali. Suddenly the angel Gabriel appeared and handed Zulfiqar to Mohammed, who gave it to Ali, who used it to great effect in leading the Arabs to many conquests. This "gift from Allah" was also to signify that Ali was Mohammed's rightful heir. It did not happen, of course, as Abu Bakr became first Caliph (thus leading to the eventual split between Sunnis and Shias). The sword pictured is a re-creation of what the original is thought to have looked like. Its fate is unknown, although fragments of it are believed to reside in Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. Shiite Muslims, however, believe it is in the possession of the 12th Imam who will wield it when he returns.