Hittites Sack Babylon (ca. 1585 B.C.)Hittites Sack Babylon (ca. 1585 B.C.) - As a demonstration of Hittite power, they invaded Mesopotamia and sacked the city of Babylon. Under King Mursilis I, the Hittites brought about an end to the Amorite Empire, the kingdom Hammurabi once ruled. However, for reasons that are not known, they did not occupy the land or completely destroy the city. They took their spoils and left. This left a vacuum in the region that was filled over the next several decades by the Kassites. Whereas the Amorites came out of the West, the Kassites most likely came from the East out of the Zagros Mountains. They settled in the region and re-populated Babylon (however their capital was Dur-Kurigalzu) and became the new race of the Babylonian Empire.