Jie of Xia (ca. 1653-1600 B.C.)Jie of Xia (ca. 1653-1600 B.C.) - The 17th and final ruler of the Xia Dynasty, he is regarded as a ruthless tyrant who drove his people to rebellion by his extravagant lifestyle. For example, he was said to have ordered the construction of a lake of wine at the instigation of his concubine, Mo Xi. The final straw came after he ordered a new palace be built; the so-called tilt palace. After seven years, thousands of slaves and enormous expenses, his people had become openly hostile. A clan to the South, the Shang, had been rising in power and around 1600 B.C. war broke out between the Xia and the Shang that resulted in the end of the Xia Dynasty.