Ahmose I (ca. 1550-1525 B.C.)Ahmose I (ca. 1550-1525 B.C.) - The founder of the 18th Dynasty, the most prominent dynasty in all of ancient Egypt because it produced more famous pharaohs than any other. Ahmose expelled the Hyksos from Egypt and ushered in the New Kingdom. Since the Hyksos ruled from Lower Egypt, Ahmose re-established power from Thebes in Upper Egypt, which would once again become the capital. After the defeat of the Hyksos, he was not satisfied with simply regaining Egyptian independence. He quickly went to work at expanding its borders by pushing north as far as Byblos and south into Nubia. Since most of his reign was devoted to fighting the Hyksos, he did not have much time for building projects, although he did begin to rebuild the temples to the traditional Egyptian gods.