Robert Craig (1919-1943)Robert Craig (1919-1943) - 2nd Lieutenant Robert Craig was a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient during World War II, and my great uncle. While serving in the US army, 15th Infantry, 3rd Infantry Division, he participated in the Allied invasion of Sicily, known as Operation Husky, in July 1943. While leading his company, he encountered an enemy machine gun nest which halted their advance. Attempts by three other officers to locate and destroy the gun failed, with each receiving wounds in the process. 2nd Lieutenant Craig successfully located the machine gun and worked his way to within 35 yards (32 m) before he was spotted. At that point, he stood and charged while facing automatic fire. Reaching the nest unharmed, he stood over it and killed three soldiers inside. This allowed his company to advance. A short while later, his platoon broke off and started down a slope with no cover. Suddenly they were fired upon by roughly 100 enemy soldiers. 2nd Lieutenant Craig ordered his men back behind the slope. While they withdrew to safety, he charged the enemy and drew fire unto himself. From a distance of 25 yards (23 m), he dropped to one knee and fired, killing five and wounding three more before he himself was killed. This inspired his men to rally and drive the enemy back. They credited 2nd Lieutenant Craig for their success. A genuine American hero.