FinwëFinwë - When the Elves became divided as a result of the Great Journey, a leader arose for each respective group.  Among the most significant kindred of Elves in the history of Middle-earth were the Noldor.  The Noldor were unique in that they traveled all the way to Valinor with Oromë, and then some later returned to Middle-earth (more on that later).  The first king of the Noldor was Finwë.  He became their leader after he was chosen by Oromë to be an ambassador to Valinor and report back to his people what he saw in the Undying Lands.  Later he became the father of Fëanor, Fingolfin and Finarfin.


"The Noldor later came back to Middle-earth, and this tale tells mostly of their deeds; therefore the names and kinship of their princes may here be told, in that form which these names later bore in the tongue of the Elves of Beleriand.  Finwë was king of the Noldor.  The sons of Finwë were Fëanor, and Fingolfin, and Finarfin." ~The Silmarillion, chap. 5 (Of Eldamar)