Death of FëanorDeath of Fëanor (4997 F.A.) - After the death of his father, Fëanor vowed to pursue Morgoth all the way to Middle-earth and retrieve the Silmarils.  He returned to Tirion (though his exile was not yet complete) and assembled a great host of Noldor.  They marched north to Aqualondë, the capital of the Teleri where Fëanor tried to pursuade his kinsfolk to join the pursuit.  The Teleri were sailing Elves and they had ships which the Noldor needed in order to cross over into Middle-earth.  But the Teleri had no interest in joining the fight, nor in leaving their home.  And they also refused to give ships to the Noldor for they knew that doing so would invite the ire of the Valar who were against the Noldor.


Then Fëanor grew enraged and decided to take the ships by force.  What followed became known as the The Kinslaying, an event which would haunt the Noldor for ages.


"When he judged that his strength was enough, he went to the Haven of the Swans and began to man the ships that were anchored there and to take them away by force.  But the Teleri withstood him, and cast many of the Noldor into the sea.  Then swords were drawn, and a bitter fight was fought upon the ships, and about the lamplit quays and piers of the Haven, and even upon the great arch of its gate.  Thrice the people of Fëanor were driven back, and many were slain upon either side, but the vanguard of the Noldor were succoured by Fingon with the foremost of the host of Fingolfin, who coming up found a battle joined and their own kin falling, and rushed in before they knew rightly the cause of the quarrel; some thought indeed that the Teleri had sought to waylay the march of the Noldor at the bidding of the Valar...Thus at last the Teleri were ovecome." ~The Simarillion, chap. 9 (Of the flight of the Noldor)


Death of FëanorWhen they arrived in Middle-earth, they assaulted Angband in what became known as the Battle Under the Stars (Dagor-nuin-Giliath) But so eager was Fëanor to recover the Silmarils that he and a small group separated themselves from the rest of the Noldor and ran into a most fearsome foe.


"There upon the confines of Dor Daedeloth, the land of Morgoth, Fëanor was surrounded with few friends about him.  Long he fought on, and undismayed, though he was wrapped in fire and wounded with many wounds, but at the last he was smitten to the gournd by Gothmog, Lord of Balrogs..." ~The Silmarillion, chap. (Of the return of the Noldor)