Awakening of MenAwakening of Men - Besides the light of the Silmarils, all that survived of the Trees was a great flower of silver fromTelperion, and a single fruit of gold from Laurelin.  Yavanna took the two and placed them in the sky, and the Sun was borne out of the golden fruit and the Moon out of the silver flower (The Silmarillion, chap. 11 - Of the Sun and  Moon).  Thus began the "Years of the Sun" of the First Age.  Now the stage was set for a new race to come upon Arda; the race of Men.


"At the first rising of the Sun the Younger Children of Ilúvatar awoke in the land of Hildórien in the eastward regions of Middle-earth, but the first Sun arose in the West, and the opening eyes of Men was turned towards it, and their feet as they wandered over the Earth for the most part strayed that way.  The Atani they were named by the Eldar, the Second People..." ~The Silmarillion, chap. 12 (Of Men)


And so, while the Elves were born under the light of the stars, the race of Men was born under the light of the Sun.