AredhelAredhel - "Aredhel Ar-Feiniel, daughter of Fingolfin, dwelt in Nevrast with Turgon her brother, and she went with him to the Hidden Kingdom.  But she wearied of the guarded city of Gondolin, desiring ever the longer the more to ride again in the wild lands and to walk in the forests..." ~The Silmarillion, chap. 16 (Of Maeglin)


So she left Gondolin and wandered through the forests of Beleriand.  This would lead to a meeting with a most unusual figure.


" the trees of Nan Elmoth were the tallest and darkest in all Beleriand, and there the sun never came; and there Eöl dwelt, who was named the Dark Elf." ~The Silmarillion, chap. 16 (Of Maeglin)


They would marry and have a child named Maeglin.