Eöl the Dark ElfEöl the Dark Elf - All that is known about Eöl's background is that he was a Sindarin Elf related in some way to KingThingol.  But he was a loner who did not enjoy the company of his kin.


"Of old he was of the kin of Thingol, but he was restless and ill at ease in Doriath, and when the Girdle of Melian was set about the Forest of Region where he dwelt he fled thence to Nan Elmoth.  There he lived in deep shadows, loving the night and the twilight under the stars.  He shunned the Noldor, holding them to blame for the return of Morgoth, to trouble the quiet of Beleriand; but for the Dwarves he had more liking than any other of the Elvenfolk of old." ~The Silmarillion, chap. 16 (Of Maeglin)


And when he gazed upon Aredhel who had strayed into the forest that he claimed for himself, he was immediately smitten by her beauty.


"And it came to pass that he saw Aredhel Ar-Feiniel as she strayed among the tall trees near the borders of Nan Elmoth, a gleam of white in a dim land.  Very fair she seemed to him, and he desired her; and he set his enchantments about her so that she could not find her ways out, but drew ever nearer to his dwelling in the depths of the wood." ~The Silmarillion, chap. 16 (Of Maeglin)


Though they were complete opposites, they fell in love and married.  But their differences would cause strain between them.