AnglachelAnglachel - The sword that slew Glaurung.  Its name means "Metal of the Flaming Star" in Sindarin, and would be wielded by Thingol's captain, Beleg.


     "'I ask then for a sword of worth,' said Beleg; 'for the Orcs come now too thick and close for a bow only, and such blade as I have is no match for their armour.'
     'Choose from all I have,' said Thingol, 'save only Aranrúth, my own.'
Then Beleg chose Anglachel; and that was a sword of great worth, and it was so named because it was made of iron that fell from heaven as a blazing star; it would cleave all earth-delved was made of the same ore by the same smith; and that smith was Eöl the Dark Elf."
~The Silmarillion, chap. 21 (Of Túrin Turambar)


After the death of Beleg, it was taken into the possession of Túrin.


"But the dread sword Anglachel Gwindor took, saying that it were better that it should take vengeance on the servants of Morgoth than lie useless in the earth...And Gwindor gave the sword Anglachel into his hands, and Túrin knew that it was heavy and strong and had great power..." ~The Silmarillion, chap. 21 (Of Túrin Turambar)