Húrin & MorwenHúrin & Morwen - When Men arrived in Beleriand, they came in three great waves of migration.  This established the Three Houses of the Edain (Edain is the Sindarin word for Men, Atani is Quenya).  The first was the House of Bëor.  They were the first to arrive in Beleriand, but smallest in number.  The third was the House of Hador.  They were the last to arrive, but largest in number.  Morwen came from the House of Bëor and Húrin from the House of Hador.  They would marry and become the parents of Túrin & Nienor.


"The sons of Hador were Galdor and Gundor; and the sons of Galdor were Húrin and Huor; and the son of Húrin was Túrin the Bane of Glaurung...The son of Boromir was Bregor, whose sons were Bregolas and Barahir; and the sons of Bregolas were Baragund and Belegund; the daughter of Baragund was Morwen, the mother of Túrin..."  ~The Silmarillion, chap. 17 (Of the Coming of Men into the West)