ElrosElros - The Edain (humans) like the Elves, also had to find a new home.  But instead of staying on Middle Earth, they sailed to the island of Númenor in the Sundering Sea.  Elros, the son of Eärendil and Elwing, and twin brother of Elrond, became their first king.


"...to the sons of Eärendil should be given choice of their own destiny.  And Elrond chose to remain with the Firstborn, and to him the life of the Firstborn was granted.  But to Elros, who chose to be a King of Men, still a great span of years was allotted, many times that of the Men of Middle-earth; and all his line, the kings and lords of the royal house, had long life according to the measure of the Númenóreans." ~The Silmarillion (Akallabêth)


He took the name Minyatur and became Tar-Minyatur of Númenor.


"He was born fifty-eight years before the Second Age began; he remained unwearied until he was five-hundred years old and then laid down his life, in the year 442 (S.A.), having ruled for 410 years." ~Unfinished Tales (The Line of Elros: Kings of Númenor)