Eregion FoundedEregion Founded (750 S.A.) - Centuries after bulding a new home along the coast, the Elves moved inland and built new settlements in the heart of Middle-Earth.  The land was called Eregion and this expansion would eventually lead to war with Sauron.


"Others of the Eldar there were who crossed the mountains of Ered Luin in that age and passed into the inner lands.  Many of these were Teleri, survivors of Doriath and Ossiriand, and they established realms among the Silvan Elves in woods and mountains far from the sea, for which nonetheless they ever yearned in their hearts.  Only in Eregion, which Men called Hollin, did Elves of Noldorin race establish a lasting realm beyond the Ered Luin.  Eregion was nigh to the great mountains of the Dwarves that were named Khazad-dȗm..." ~The Simarillion (Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age)