Tar-AncalimëTar-Ancalimë - "She was the only child of Tar-Aldarion, and the first ruling Queen of Númenor.  She was born in the year 873, and she reigned for 205 years, longer than any ruler after Elros; she surrendered the sceptre in 1280, and died in 1285.  She long remained unwed; but when pressed by Soronto to resign, in his despite she married in the year 1000 Hallacar son of Hallatan, a descendant of Varamir.  After the birth of her son Anárion there was strife between Ancalimë and Hallacar.  She was proud and wilful.  After Aldarion's death she neglected all his policies, and gave no further aid to Gil-galad." ~Unfinished Tales (The Line of Elros: Kings of Númenor)