Númenor colonizes Middle EarthNúmenor colonizes Middle Earth - 700 years after returning to Middle Earth, the Númenóreans finally began to colonize it.


"1200  The Númenóreans begin to make permanent havens" ~The Return of the King (Appendix B)


They sailed for the harbour established by their king, Tar-Aldarion, about a century and a half earlier.


"...it came therefore into Aldarion's mind that he would find timber in Middle-earth, and seek there for a haven for the repair of his ships.  In his voyages down the coasts he looked with wonder on the great forests; and at the mouth of the river that the Númenóreans called Gwaithir, River of Shadow, he established Vinyalondë, the New Haven." ~Unfinished Tales (Aldarion and Erendis)


In time, Vinyalondë would grow and become known as Lond Daer, the Great Haven.