Narya, Nenya & VilyaNarya, Nenya & Vilya - While the Ring of Power worn by Sauron is the most famous of the rings, the Three Rings forged for the Elves were also of special quality.


"Now these were the Three that had last been made, and they had the greatest powers.  Narya, Nenya and Vilya, they were named, the Rings of Fire, and of Water, and of Air, set with ruby and adamant and sapphire; and of all the Elven-rings Sauron most desired to possess them, for those who had them in their keeping could ward off the decays of time and postpone the weariness of the world" ~The Silmarillion (Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age)


They were different from the Rings given to the Dwarves and to Mortal Men in that they were forged apart from those, and Sauron had to first possess them before he could control their bearers.  And because Sauron so desired them Celebrimbor was determined to keep them from falling into the Dark Lord's hands.


"Now Celebrimbor was not corrupted in heart or faith, but had accepted Sauron as what he posed to be; and when at length he discovered the existence of the One Ring he revolted against Sauron, and went to Lórinand (Lothlórien) to take counsel once more with Galadriel.  Galadriel counselled him that the Three Rings of the Elves should be hidden, never used, and dispersed far from Eregion where Sauron believed them to be.  It was at this time that she received Nenya, the White Ring, from Celebrimbor, and by its power the realm of Lórinand was strengthened and made beautiful; but its power upon her was great also and unforseen, for it increased her latent desire for the Sea and for return into the West, so that her joy in Middle-earth was diminished.  Celebrimbor followed her counsel that the Ring of Air and the Ring of Fire should be sent out of Eregion; and he entrusted them to Gil-galad in Lindon." ~Unfinished Tales (The History of Galadriel and Celeborn)


And Galadriel had kept her ring hidden in Lothlórien all the way until the end of the Third Age.


"Eärendil, the Evening Star, most beloved of the Elves shone clear above.  Its rays glanced upon a ring about her finger, it glittered like polished gold overlaid with silver light, and a white stone in it twinkled as if the Even-star had come down to rest upon her hand.  Frodo gazed at the ring with awe; for suddenly it seemed to him that he understood.  'Yes,' she said, divining his thought, 'it is not permitted to speak of it, and Elrond could not do so.  But it cannot be hidden from the Ring-bearer, and one who has seen the Eye.  Verily it is in the land of Lórien upon the finger of Galadriel that one of the Three remains.  This is Nenya, the Ring of Adamant, and I am its keeper." ~The Fellowship of the Ring, Book II, chap. 7 (The Mirror of Galadriel)