Tar-Atanamir the GreatTar-Atanamir the Great - "He was born in the year 1800, and ruled 192 years, until 2221, which was the year of his death.  Much is said of this King in the Annals, such as now survive the Downfall.  For he was like his father proud and greedy of wealth, and the Númenóreans in his service exacted heavy tribute from the men of the coasts of Middle-earth.  In this time the Shadow fell upon Númenor; and the King, and those who follow his lore, spoke openly against the ban of Valar, and their hearts were turned against the Valar and the Eldar; but wisdom they still kept, and they feared the Lords of the West, and they did not defy them.  Atanamir is also called the Unwilling, for he was the first of the Kings to refuse to lay down his life, or renounce the sceptre; and he lived until death took him perforce in dotage." ~Unfinished Tales (The Line of Elros: Kings of Númenor)