Ar-Gimilzôr (Tar-Telemnar)Ar-Gimilzôr (Tar-Telemnar) - "He was born in the year 2960, and he ruled for 75 years until his death in 3177.  He was the greatest enemy of the Faithful that had yet arisen; and he forbade utterly the use of the Eldarin tongues, and would not permit any of the Eldar to come to the land, and punished those that welcomed them.  He revered nothing and went never to the Hallow of Eru.  He was wedded to Inzilbêth, a lady descended from Tar-Calmacil; but she was secretly of the Faithful, for her mother was Lindôrië of the House of the Lords of Andûnië, and there was small love between them, and strife between their sons.  For Inziladûn the elder was beloved of his mother and of like mind with her; but Gimilkhâd the younger was his father's son, and him Ar-Gimilzôr would fain have appointed his Heir, had the laws allowed.  Gimilkhâd was born in the year 3044, and died in 3243." ~Unfinished Tales (The Line of Elros: Kings of Númenor)