Sauron brought to Númenor (3262 S.A.)Sauron brought to Númenor (3262 S.A.) - Near the end of the Second Age there were two powers vying for supremacy over Middle Earth, Mordor and Númenor.  The Kings of Númenor had become proud and the island nation strove to exert influence on the mainland.  During his reign, Ar-Pharazôn intended to surpass the might of Mordor by forcing its submission.


"...he began in that time to smithy great hoard of weapons, and many ships of war he built and stored them with his arms; and when all was made ready he himself set sail with his host into the East...Then he sent forth heralds, and he commanded Sauron to come before him and swear to him fealty." ~The Silmarillion (Akallabêth)


Sauron, for his part, sized up the enemy and was not confident of victory.  So rather than brute force, he resorted to an old tactic...deception.


"And Sauron came.  Even from his mighty tower of Barad-dûr he came, and made no offer of battle...And he was crafty, well skilled to gain what he would by subtlety when force might not avail.  Therefore he humbled himself before Ar-Pharazôn and smoothed his tongue; and men wondered, for all that he said seemed fair and wise." ~The Silmarillion (Akallabêth)


And so Sauron came to Númenor and began to plan his own conquest.