PalantíriPalantíri - When the Faithful arrived on mainland of Middle Earth from the sunken island of Númenor, they brought with them the seven Seeing Stones known as the palantíri.


"Now these Stones had this virtue that those who looked therein might perceive in them things far off, whether in place or in time.  For the most part they revealed only things near to another kindred Stone, for the Stones each called to each, but those who possessed great strength of will and of mind might learn to direct their gaze whither they would.  This the Númenóreans were aware of many things that their enemies wished to conceal..." ~The Silmarillion (Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age)


But the Númenóreans did not create the palantíri.  They were made back in the First Age in the land of Aman.


"'Then they were not made, not made'---Pippin hesitated---'by the Enemy?'


'No,' said Gandalf.  'Nor by Saruman.  It is beyond his art, and beyond Sauron's too.  The palantíri came from beyond Westernesse, from Eldamar.  The Noldor made them.  Fëanor himself, maybe, wrought them, in days so long ago that the time cannot be measured in years...In that way they long guarded and united the realm of Gondor.  They set up Stones at Minas Anor, and at Minas Ithil, and at Orthanc in the ring of Isengard.  The chief and master of these was under the Dome of Stars at Osgiliath before its ruin.  The three others were far away in the North.  In the house of Elrond it is told that they were at Annúminas, and Amon Sûl, and Elendil's Stone was on the Tower Hills...'" ~The Two Towers, Book III, chap. 11 (The Palantír)