AnnúminasAnnúminas - The "Tower of the West", Annúminas became the capital of the northern kingdom of Arnor.  It was founded by Elendil, the father of Isildur and Anarion, on the shores of Lake Nenuial.


"Elendil was cast up by the waves in the land of Lindon, and he was befriended by Gil-galad.  Thence he passed up the River Lhûn, and beyond Ered Luin he established his realm, and his people dwelt in many places in Eriador about the courses of the Lhûn and the Baranduin; but his chief city was at Annúminas beside the water of Lake Nenuial.  At Fornost upon the North Downs also the Númenóreans dwelt, and in Cardolan, and in the hills of Rhudaur; and towers they raised upon Emyn Beraid and upon Amon Sûl; and there remain many barrows and ruined works in those places, but the towers of Emyn Beraid still look towards the sea." ~The Silmarillion (Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age)