MeneldilMeneldil - Son of Anárion and third King of Gondor.


"Meneldil was the nephew of Isildur, son of Isildur's younger brother Anárion, slain in the siege of Barad-dûr.  Isildur had established Meneldil as King of Gondor.  He was a man of courtesy, but farseeing, and he did not reveal his thoughts.  He was in fact well pleased with the departure of Isildur and his sons, and hoped that affairs in the north would keep them long occupied.  It is stated in annals concerning the Heirs of Elendil that Meneldil was the fourth child of Anárion, that he was born in the year 3318 of the Second Age, and that he was the last man born in Númenor." ~Unfinished Tales, (Disaster of the Gladden Fields)