RómendacilRómendacil - According to the Annals of the Kings, it was under the reign of Ostoher, the seventh king of Gondor, that the Easterlings invaded the land.  His son led the army that drove them out.


"In his time Gondor was first attacked by wild men out of the East.  But Tarostar, his son, defeated them and drove them out, and took the name of Rómendacil, 'East-victor'." ~The Return of the King (Appendix A)


However, the Elven records dispute this slightly saying Rómendacil was already king when the invasion came.


"Meneldil followed Isildur's counsel, and all the kings that came after, until Rómendacil (the fifth after Meneldil).  In his time Gondor was first assailed by Easterlings..." ~Unfinsihed Tales (Cirion and Eorl)


Although he drove them out initially, he did not fare so well on the second invasion.


"490  First invasion of Easterlings


"500  Rómendacil I defeats the Easterlings


"541  Rómendacil is slain in battle" ~The Return of the King (Appendix B)