Alliance with RhovanionAlliance with Rhovanion - In the middle of the 13th century of the Third Age, Vidugavia became the most powerful prince of the northmen and took the title "King of Rhovanion".  He cemented an alliance with Gondor to protect its northern border.


"These Northmen were descendants of the same race of Men as those who in the First Age passed into the west of Middle-earth and became the allies of the Eldar in their wars with Morgoth.  There were therefore from afar off kinsmen of the Dúnedain or Númenóreans, and there was great friendship between them and the people of Gondor.  They were in fact a bulwark of Gondor, keeping its norhtern and eastern frontiers from invasion..." ~Unfinished Tales (Cirion and Eorl and the Friendship of Gondor and Rohan)


From the descendants of Rhovanion would come the Rohirrim.