Fall of the Northern KingdomsFall of the Northern Kingdoms - The power of Angmar became too strong for the divided Northern Kingdoms.  Rhudaur and Cardolan were conquered, but Arthedain survived.


"A great host came out of Angmar in 1409, and crossing the river entered Cardolan and surrounded Weathertop.  The Dúnedain were defeated and Arveleg was slain.  The Tower of Amon Sûl was burned and razed; but the palantir was saved and carried back in retreat to Fornost, Rhudaur was occupied by evil Men subject to Angmar, and the Dúnedain that remained there were slain or fled west.  Cardolan was ravaged.  Araphor son of Arveleg was not yet full grown, but he was valiant, and with aid from Cirdan he repelled the enemy from Fornost and the North Downs.  A remnant of the faithful among the Dúnedain of Cardolan also held out in Tyrn Gorthad (the Barrowdowns), or took refuge in the forest behind." ~The Return of the King (Appendix A)