Battle of Helms DeepBattle of Helm's Deep (3019 T.A.) - "A slow time passed.  Far down in the valley scattered fires still burned.  The hosts of Isengard were advancing in silence now.  Their torches could be seen winding up the coomb in many lines.  Suddenly from the Dike yells and screams, and the fierce battlecries of men broke out.  Flaming brands appeared over the brink and clustered thickly at the breach.  Then they scattered and vanished.  Men came galloping back over the field and up the ramp to the gate of the Hornburg.  The rearguard of the Westfolders had been driven in.  'The enemy is at hand,' they said.  'We loosed every arrow that we had, and filled the Dike with Orcs.  But it will not halt them long.  Already they are scaling the bank at many points, thick as marching ants.  But we have taught them not to carry torches...Arrows thick as rain came whistling over the battlements, and fell clinking and glancing on the stones.  Some found a mark.  The assault on Helm's Deep had begun, but no sound or challenge was heard within; no answering arrows came...Then at last an answer came; a storm of arrows met them, and a hail of stones.  They wavered, broke, and fled back; and then charged again; each time, like the incoming sea, they halted at a higher point.  Again the trumpets rang, and press of roaring men leaped forth.  They held their great shields above them like a roof, while in their midst they bore two trunks of mighty trees.  Behind them orc-archers crowded, sending a hail of darts against the bowmen on the walls.  They gained the gates.  The trees, swung by mighty arms, smote the timbers with a rending boom.  If any man fell, crushed by a stone hurtling from above, two others sprang to take his place.  Again and again the great rams swung and crashed." ~The Two Towers, Book III, chap. 7 (Helm's Deep)