Morgoth (also Melkor)Morgoth (also Melkor) - Originally one of the Valar, but he was cast from their ranks because he had sown discord when he was among them.  While the Valar descended to Aman, Morgoth took up residence in the northernmost reaches of Middle Earth and waged war against the Elves.


"And there was strife between Melkor and the other Valar; and for that time Melkor withdrew and departed to other regions and did there what he would; but he did not put the desire of the Kingdom of Arda from his heart...Then Melkor saw what was done, and that the Valar walked on Earth as powers visible, clad in the raiment of the World, and were lovely and glorious to see...His envy grew then the greater within him; and he also took visible form, but because of his mood and the malice that burned in him that form was dark and terrible.  And he descended upon Arda in power and majesty greater than any of the other Valar, as a mountain that wades in the sea and has its head above the clouds and is clad in ice and crowned with smoke and fire..." ~The Silmarillion (Ainulindalë)