War of WrathWar of Wrath (545-587 Y.S.) - The conflict which brought the First Age (and Morgoth) to an end.


"Of the march of the host of the Valer to the north of Middle-earth little is said in any tale; for among them went none of those Elves who had dwelt and suffered in the Hither Lands, and who made the histories of those days that still are known; and tidings of these things they only learned long afterwards from their kinsfolk in Aman.  But at the last the might of Valinor came up out of the West, and the challenge of the trumpets of Eönwë filled the sky; and Beleriand was ablaze with the glory of their arms, for the host of the Valar was arrayed in forms young and fair and terrible, and the mountains rang beneath their feet.  The meetings of the hosts of the West and of the North is named the Great Battle, and the War of Wrath." ~The Silmarillion, chap. 24 (The War of Wrath)