First Battle of BeleriandFirst Battle of Beleriand (4997 F.A.) - Shortly after the Noldor arrived from the Undying Lands, the wars with Morgoth began.  The first war was simply called the Battle of Beleriand since it was unknown at the time that others would follow.  But when they did, it became the First Battle of Beleriand.


"Now the Orcs that multiplied in the darkness of the earth grew strong and fell, and their dark lord filled them with a lust of ruin and death; and they issued from Angband's gates under the clouds that Morgoth sent forth, and passed silently into the highlands of the north.  Thence on a sudden a great army came and assailed King Thingol...the Orcs came down on either side of Menegroth, and from camps in the east between Celon and Gelion, and west in the plains between Sirion and Narog, they plundered far and wide; and Thingol was cut off from Cirdon at Eglarest.  Therefore he called upon Denethor; and the Elves came in force from Region beyond Aros and from Ossiriand, and fought the first battle in the Wars of Beleriand.  And the eastern host of the Orcs was taken in between the armies of the Eldar, north of the Andram and midway between Aros and Gelion, and they were utterly defeated, and those that fled north from the great slaughter were waylaid by the axes of the Naugrim that issued from Mount Dolmed; few indeed returned to Angband." ~The Silmarillion, chap. 10 (Of the Sindar)