BelegostBelegost - The Dwarves loved the mountains, or more specifically, they loved tunneling beneath them for the precious resources that they often hold.  Those Dwarves that settled in Beleriand built two homes in the Blue Mountains, Belegost and Nogrod.


"It came to pass during the second age of the captivity of Melkor that Dwarves came over the Blue Mountains of Ered Luin into Beleriand.  Themselves they named Khazâd, but the Sindar called them Naugrim, the Stunted People, and Gonnhirrim, Masters of Stone.  Far to the east were the most ancient dwellings of the Naugrim, but they had delved for themselves great halls and mansions, after the manner of their kind, in the eastern side of Ered Luin; and those cities were named in their own tongue Gabilgothol and Tumunzahar.  To the north of the great height of Mount Dolmed was Gabilgothol, which the Elves interpreted in their tongue Belegost; that is Mickleburg..." ~The Silmarillion, chap. 10 (Of the Sindar)