NogrodNogrod - The southern Dwarven city in the Blue Mountains was Nogrod.  The Elves, who kept the histories of the First Age, did not draw much distinction between Belegost and Nogrod, except to say that the great Dwarven smith, Telchar, lived in Nogrod.


"...and southward was delved Tumunzahar, by the Elves named Nogrod, the Hollowbold...From Nogrod and Belegost the Naugrim came forth into Beleriand; and the Elves were filled with amazement, for they had believed themselves to be the only living things in Middle-earth that spoke with words or wrought with hands...Few of the Eldar went ever to Nogrod and Belegost, save Eöl of Nan Elmoth and Maeglin his son...the Naugrim smithied for him; for they were greatly skilled in such work, though none among them surpassed the craftsmen of Nogrod, of whom Telchar the smith was greatest in renown." ~The Silmarillion, chap. 10 (Of the Sindar)