Battle of FornostBattle of Fornost (1975 T.A.) - In the Third Age, the remnant of Númenor founded two kingdoms in Middle Earth, one in the north and one in the south.  The northern kingdom was eventually destroyed by Angmar.  The southern kingdom came to its aid, although not in time to save it.


"But the host of the West came down on him out of the Hills of Evendim, and there was a great battle on the plain between Nenuial and the North Downs.  The forces of Angmar were already giving way and retreating towards Fornost when the main body of the horsemen that had passed round the hills came down from the north and scattered them in a great rout.  Then the Witch-king, with all that he could gather from the wreck, fled northwards, seeking his own land of Angmar.  Before he could gain the shelter of Carn Dûm the cavalry of Gondor overtook him with Eärnur riding at their head.  At the same time a force under Glorfindel the Elf-lord came up out of Rivendell.  Then so utterly was Angmar defeated that not a man nor an orc of that realm remained west of the Mountains." ~The Return of the King (Appendix A)